Capital Heart Associates
Referring Doctors

You are welcome to call us at any time for consultation concerning a patientís problem. If you have any difficulty making appointments or obtaining medical records, please immediately call our office manager at 919-881-0160.  

All of our physicians are available to speak to at any time. Please call our office directly at 919-881-0160 and ask directly for any of our physicians. If they are unavailable please ask to have them immediately paged either to our office to be given your contact info or directly to you.  

Appointments can be made for testing only as well as consultations.  

We admit patients to Rex Healthcare and Duke Raleigh Hospital. If a patient is admitted with a heart attack, we see the patient immediately. If you use hospitalist services for non-urgent care, we are available for additional consultation if a hospitalist requests our services. We supervise the care of patients admitted for elective procedures.  

All of our physicians and our physicianís assistant are available for in-service education for your staff concerning issues in the treatment of heart problems. The lunch hour or immediately after business hours are usually the most convenient times for presentations. Please call our office manager at 881-0160 to make your request. One of the doctors will work with you to make the education program worthwhile.