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Capital Heart is very pleased to launch our new patient portal. You can request an invitation by calling our office or using the message box located on our "Contact" page above. Once registered, you can access your patient records, request appointments, submit demographic changes, and send messages directly to your provider. Please call if you have any questions.

Knowledge is the best medicine, and the physicians of Capital Heart Associates, P.A. combine up-to-date information and effective medical treatment to direct each patient toward excellent health. As specialists in both invasive and noninvasive cardiology, Capital Heart is a leader in today's progressive medical technology.

Directed by three of Eastern North Carolina's most renowned cardiologists, Capital Heart is widely recognized for the compassionate, one-on-one care of each patient. At Capital Heart, each patient sees just one doctor who is responsible for all aspects of that individual's cardiac care. Patient involvement and education play a critical role in the success of every treatment at Capital Heart. We encourage open dialogue between our patients and referring physicians, and we strive to address all questions and concerns thoroughly. From the start of the relationship, Capital Heart provides personal attention and reassurance throughout the treatment process. Our patients feel confident knowing that they are active participants in the highest quality of cardiac specialty care available.

Capital Heart's reputation for clinical excellence is second only to its "team approach" to a patient's health challenges. Our skilled and friendly staff works to take the anxiety out of the treatment experience by placing the concerns of our patients first. What our patients know is as important as what we know. At Capital Heart, every patient is a member of the team.



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